Tuesday, June 28 2022
Year of foundation 1991
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Katalog Medyczny woj. slaskiego
Katalog motoryzacyjny woj. slaskiego
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Wirtualne Podlasie - Białystok
Renado - Informacja Gospodarcza 9434 - Gorzów Wielkopolski
RBIT - Informacja Gospodarcza 9434 - Rzeszów
Całodobowa Ogólnopolska Inormacja telefoniczna 9434 - Kraków
Informacja o Firmach - Hipolit - 9434 - Szczecin
Bank Informacji Gospodarczej i Medycznej - Lublin
Pomorskie Biuro Informacji Medycznej
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  We invite You to fill in and send the after-mentioned form. Data contained in this form will be transfered to offices of economical information around Poland, members of All Polish System of Municipat Information OSIM in aim of recovery looked for information by Your. In case of recovery of wanted information we will let you know by sending You an e-mail in the course of 7 days from date of sending inquiry.
. We also inform You, that personal data contained in presented form is gathered in aim of location it in electronic bases of data. Informations that we posses might be transfered to some other firms and to outsiders to marketing targets.
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